Green Oases In Grey Concrete

Sunday morning and it is my day to relax and rid myself of the stress of the week. I’m a creature of happy so my schedule is pretty much the same. I heat my Panini press up and pour me my glass of juice.

The Panini press beeps and with my toast and juice in hand I walk over and sit in front of the open window to enjoy my fifth floor view with my breakfast. That view is usually nothing much, mostly cemented urban buildings, Find out the Best Panini Machine to Make panini. I guess the price to pay for living in a city.  But this morning the view was different.

As my eyes roam through the buildings they land on something new, different and actually quite unique. On the rooftop of a six floor building there is now green that seems to have swallowed up all the grey. I had heard about them but just like I have heard about mermaids, I didn’t think they actually existed. It was a garden on a rooftop.

Rooftop gardens have been trending in big cities since 2010. These small or big urban oases have everything from trees to lawn, from flower beds made up of colorful plants and shrubbery and even little farm plots with herbs and vegetables.

Those little miracles, as I like to call them, surely make our ugly, impersonal and cold cities so much more beautiful, so much more worth living in. But is it just a matter of aesthetics?

The truth is these gardens have so much more to offer than a better view. It is a known fact that plants and tress not only produce oxygen but also have a way of lowering the temperature and even helping with matters of heat and humidity. When the temperature is high in a city or the weather is dump, concrete absorbs all the heat or humidity. So, in the case of heat, at night, when the temperature drops, concrete starts radiating the heat making it impossible to suffer it in our apartments for example.

Scientists say the just fifteen trees can lower the temperature of a neighborhood as much as five degrees Celsius with their shade and by captivating the heat. And let’s face it, with all the car fumes and pollution in cities extra sources of oxygen are always more than welcome.

There is, however, one more thing that rooftop gardens make possible. In 2014, a year that we’ve seen prices on foods and vegetables have been skyrocketing, we can now create our own little farm in the middle of the city. If you find gardening relaxing, and it is indeed a good hobby to release stress and find some peace of mind, why not plant your own herbs and vegetables and never pay for them again?

To recap, a roof top garden is a way to make our cities prettier, a small paradise to spend time in and also a great way to improve our wellbeing and save money. So, put your farmer’s hat on, grab a glass of ice tea and “go green” when everyone else is stuck in grey.

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