“Nuts” For Nuts And Everything Healthy

Undoubtedly the past five years or so, since 2009 I’d say, have been the years of the “health food craze”. I admit it is kind of justifiable if we consider that fast and unhealthy foods have been leading the obesity numbers to a wild increase and more and more people suffer from problems related to bad dieting each year.

Since about 2009, fitness experts and dedicated people have been creating blogs and writing in magazines, doctors have started warning people and making suggestions. The internet and press has flooded with articles and ideas of healthy diets. We saw the health smoothie craze, Panini (sandwich) the super fruit craze and even those articles about giving up meat and fat altogether and turning vegan.

While I see the point behind all this, I’ve never been a fan of extremes. In my opinion there is a style of dieting that is both healthy and it does not deprive you of anything you actually need. That is the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet consists of all types of foods, pasta, legumes, fish and meat as well as vegetables and fruit and of course the number one factor of it; olive oil. The philosophy is that you can eat everything as long as the portions are normal and the cooking is not unhealthy.

For example, you do not need to deep fry chicken when you can put it in the oven with some potatoes and a little bit of olive oil and oregano and enjoy a meal that’s cheap, easy to make and surely the envy of the neighborhood. Your pasta does not need to be swimming in fattening cheese and cream when you can make some tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes with some basil or any herb and spice you like.

It is understandable that most of you work, or have children and hectic schedules and sometimes fast food or snacks unavoidable. But you still have a choice. Instead of allowing kids to scurf down candy, chips and chocolate you could make them whole wheat or brown bread toasts and all you’d need is five minutes and a Panini maker.

At the same time you could always take food with you at work as well to avoid resorting to cheap, unhealthy meals. Salad in a jar for example is a wonderful idea. Put the ingredients of your salad in the jar and simply put it in a plate on your lunch break. Or use that Panini maker of yours again, and make a nice tomato, Build your perfect sandwich lettuce and turkey sandwich to have at work with you.

You see, a healthy diet does not have to be one that leaves you hungry or is time consuming. With just a couple more minutes of effort you can make foods that are both extremely tasty and easy to make. So, wait no longer. Go online and look up all sorts of wonderful ideas to improve your diet and start looking out for yours and your family’s health and wellbeing.


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